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Healthcare Workers Need Self-Care During Covid-19

Episode Summary

Our healthcare heroes have been working around the clocks for several months now and many are on the brink of mental collapse. The fatigue, pressure, exhaustion, and trauma of it all are taking their toll and if not dealt with properly can have serious repercussions.

Episode Notes

*** We apologize in advance for the audio quality in today's episode. It was recorded remotely but was too good not to share. ***

In today's episode, we meet Kathy Parry - The Resilience Expert, who helps professionals stay energized, engaged, and effective especially during disruptive and traumatic events.

Kathy shares the science behind responding to unexpected traumatic events. There are critical issues that are bubbling beneath the surface and are being suppressed to enable coping with the issue at hand. 

However, if not dealt with it will grow and fester until the point of breakage. 

Kathy compares it to a rubber band being stretched and stretched. As long as it's intact, the stress creates lots of potential energy, but if stretched a bit too far the rubber band (our healthcare workers) can snap. 

Some nursing homes and hospitals are addressing this head-on and have made resources available to their staff to ensure they are in a good place mentally and physically.  

It's imperative that this is a focus area even or especially in times of crisis like these days, to ensure the safety and well being of our healthcare staff, and by extension, our patients and residents. 


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