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5 Strategies You Can Implement Today to Boost Your Recruitment Success Rate

Episode Summary

*** SOLO EPISODE *** Although most of the episodes are interview format, I decided to change this one up a bit and try a solo episode and see how it goes :) No one wants to work these days across all industries and nursing homes were hit particularly hard. In this episode, we discuss 5 practical tactics you implement today to start moving towards a future that's more stable with more consistent staffing.

Episode Notes

  1. It's time for a mindset shift. Recruitment needs to be as important as census and marketing. You can even use some of the same resources and people to promote your recruitment activities. 
  2. Go out to your local supermarket and stop anyone with scrubs and offer them an interview. Find out where else they're hanging out and develop a presence there on or offline. 
  3. Improve the interview process. Treat them like royalty and make them feel like they arrived home. 
  4. Have a user-friendly application process, and please, go easy on the paper. Nobody loves filling out tens of pages of the same information over and over again. 
  5. Ensure your rates are competitive. 

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